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...that's when everyone tries to be someone else. [entries|friends|calendar]
Good kids turned bad, bad kids turned worse.

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"You're something beautiful, a contradiction." [21 Feb 2006|01:04am]
[ mood | tired ]

[The Basics]
First Name: Erin
Date of Birth: 1/19/90
Nicknames: Ewin, Erin-Kong, Roadkill, Wolfa, Gentle Giant, Midget, Erindactyl, etc.
Where were you born? Hershey
Are you Male or Female? Female
What time were you born?  7:45ish PM
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Job? Nein
Where do you live right now? Bethel
Eye Color: Green
Describe your hair: Dark brown, has some pink/blonde in it from when it was dyed
Height: 5'21/2"
Righty or lefty? Right
Heritage/Race/Nationality: Irish
Innie or Outie? Innie
Age: 16
Sexual Orientation: Straight but willing to experiment? 
Tattoos: None yet
Piercings: One in each ear

Where were you born? Hershey
What day (ex: April 7, 1987)? January 19, 1990
What time? 7:45ish PM
Is there anything that was weird about your birth? Was born during a full moon and on a cusp
How old were you when you started talking? No clue
What was your first word? A grunting noise
Who was your first best friend? Nicole Schools
How did you know each other? Our brothers were friends
What was your favorite thing to do with them? Video games?
What hospital were you born in? Hershey
What was the first house you lived in like? My current one
Did you have more boy friends or girl friends? Girl
Did you play with Barbies? Yeah
Did you play with Lincoln Logs? Nein
Did you play dress up? Nein
Did you play house? Nein
What was preschool like? Fine as far as I remember
What was kindergarten like? Fine
Did you suck your thumb? Don't think so
Did you watch Barney? Yes
Did you watch Blues Clues? Wasn't around then
Did you watch Power Rangers? Hell yes!
What are some random memories? Bananas In Pajamas, bird poop, sledding
Where did you grow up? Bethel and my g-units
Did you have an imaginary friend? Yes: A shark, bottle of toothpaste, and toothbrush. They could talk too.
Did you like to dance? Yes
Did you take dance classes? Yes
Do you still live in the same house that you grew up in? Yup
Do you still live in the same town? Yup
What were you deathly afraid of? Dark
Were you ever mean to other kids? Don't think so
Were other kids ever mean to you? Rarely
Did you have a babysitter? My g-unit
Did you go to day care? No
Did you ever get really hurt (physically)? Yeah
Were you abused? Bi
What did you do on a typical day? School or g-units
Do you wish you were still little? Sometimes

Do you want to go to college? Yes
Where and why? Not sure...it has to be a state college though according to my father
What would you major in? English
Do you want to get married? Yes
Do you want to have kids? Yeah
If so, how many? One or two
What would you name them? Cassidy Xiamara (insert last name) or Dominic
Where would you want to have your honeymoon? New Zealand
If you got married, would you keep your last name? No
What do you want your first pet to be? A dog of some sort
What would you name it? Rune if it was female, Rosco if it was male
What jobs are you interested in? Writer, teacher
Why? I love to write
Where do you want to live and why? Some place out west where it doesn't snow. I hate heat and snow is pretty, but I hate dealing with it. Arizona sounds nice.
What car do you want? Anything that's not a car or truck, so something like a suburban

Drinks: Tea Cooler, Mt. Dew
Foods: Ramen noodles, sushi
Movie: Dragonheart
Book: Perks
Disney Movie: The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Mulan, etc.
Actress: Drew Barrymore
Actor: Robin Williams and Johnny Depp
Color: Gray
TV Show: House, Survivor, Gilmore Girls, Grounded for Life
TV Channel: Animal Planet, ABC Family
Computer Game: Spider Solitaire
Video Game: Final Fantasy 7 and 10, Kingdom Hearts, DDR, Zelda, etc.
Board Game: Anything but Monopoly
Card Game: Pit
Video Game Console: PS2 or original Nintendo
Amusement Park Ride: Roller coasters
Mall: Park City
Amusement Park: Hershey?
Cereal: Cinnamon Life
Sandwich: Turkey
Genre of Music: Many
Genre of Books: All
Genre of Movies: Most
Song: Currently it's Angel Pumping Gas - The Postal Service, but there are many 
Music Album: Long Since Forgotten
Pizza: White pizza with broccoli
Music Artists: Many
Car: Err..
Radio Station: None
Cartoon Character: Calin and Hobbes
Disney Character: Mulan?
Winnie the Pooh Character: Eeyore
Animal: Wolf
Salad Dressing: Greek or ranch
Item of Clothing (ex: shoes): Socks
Soda: Coke
Flower: Lily
Milkshake: Vanilla or butter pecan (Dumsers *drool*)
Burger: Ew
Font: Palatino Linotype, French Script MT, or Georgia
Shampoo: Suave or Garnier Fruictise
Popsicle: Grape
Ice Cream: Butter pecan and black raspberry
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Gadget (ex: ipod): Computer or iPod
Type of Food (ex: italian): Chinese!
Conditioner: Suave or Garnier Fruictise
Quote: Eeegads, I could never choose!
Teacher: Mr. Moyer, Mr. Neisweinder, Mrs. Stockholm, Mrs. Taylor
Mexican Food: Black beans and rice
Chinese Food: Pepper chicken, wanton soup, fried rice
Italian Food: Fettucini alfredo
Pie: Pecan, pumpkin, or raspberry cheesecake
Vegetable: Asparagus, mushroom (is that a veggie?), fried zucchini
Language: Elvish :D
Bottled Water: Dasani
Fruit: Strawberry, cantelope
Cake: Carrot cake
Candy: Nerds, gummy worms
Subject in school: English
Day of the Week: Thursday
Month: October, November, and January
Berry: Raspberry
Cheese: Munster
Guy's Name: Xavier, Dominic
Season: Autumn
Number: 9 and 3
Sport to Play: Hockey
Sport to Watch: Ballroom dancing?
Stuff to do on the weekend: Watch movies or hang with someone
House you've lived in: This one
City: Corolla, North Carolina
State: Maine
Country: New Zealand, Ireland, Japan
Website: www.deviantart.com
Magazine: Uh..
Girl's Name: Cassidy, Talia, Terra, Amy, Naomi
Shape: Triangle.."So this quadrilateral walks into a room full of polygons..."
Letter: R, S, and T
IM Phrase: LOLZ

Mom's Name: Tamara/Tammy
Dad's Name: Steven/Steve
Siblings' Names/Ages: Erik-25
Do you like your siblings? I love him with all of my heart
How many siblings do you wish you had? I'm happy with one
Favorite Family Member: My brother
Are you the oldest, middle, only, or youngest? Youngest
Would you change it? Why? No and because
What would you have been named if you were the opposite gender? Eric? Haha.
What jobs has your dad had in the past? The person who runs the movies at a movie theater (teenager), and a cop ever since
What are some of his hobbies? Cleaning every weekend, and PORN PORN PORN. Uckies.
What does he do for a living now? Cop
What was he like in high school? I don't know..but his pictures are scary
Where did he go to college? That's a good question..
Where is he from? Lebanon
What jobs has your mom had in the past? Only one I know of is working at ONO..
What are some of her hobbies? Watching movies, crocheting
What does she do for a living now? Works at a credit union
What was she like in high school? Outcast
Where did she go to college? Good questions..
Where is she from? Lebanon
Which side of the family do you like better? Both
Which parent do you look most like? Dad
Which parent do you act most like? Mom
Which one is the better chef? Mom..even though everything comes from a box
What are your grandparents' names? Doris (but everyone calls her Jean), William, Jermiah, and Barbara
What are your parents' siblings' names? Jody, Wendy, Rob, Stacy, and Scott
Are you an aunt/uncle? Not yet
Where does your extended family live? Florida
Are your parents still together? Yeah
Are you adopted? No
Pets: Rocky, Mia, PJ, and Esther

[This or That]
Windows or Apple? Windows
Computer Games or Video Games? Video games
Christmas or Halloween? Christmas
Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner? Dinner
Cloth Napkin or Paper Napkin? Paper
Caramel or Fudge? Caramel
Whipped Cream or Cool Whip? Whipped cream
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
Summer or Winter? Winter
Fall or Spring? Fall
Day or Night? Night
McDonalds or Burger King? McDonalds
Hot or Cold? Cold
Ice Cream Cone or Bowl? Cone
Europe or Asia? Europe
Santa or the Tooth Fairy? Santa
Smooth or Chunky PB? Neither, ew
Bikini or One Piece? One piece for we fat kids..or something similar
Movie or Microwave Popcorn? Microwave
Rock or Rap? Rock
Burger or Hot Dog? Hot dog
Nike or Adidas? Nike
Britney or Christina? Christina
Opera or Play? Play
Movie or TV? Movie
Sweet or Sour? Sweet
Dog or Cat? Dog
Xbox or PS2? PS2
Rain or Sun? Rain
Snow or Storm? Snow
Beach or Mountains? Mountains
Love or Lust? Love
Black or White? White
Blue or Red? Blue
Pink or Purple? Purple
Thunder or Lightning? Lightning
Turtle or hamster? Turtle
Full or empty? Full
Messy or neat? Neat
Black pen or blue pen? Black
Cheetos or Fritos? Cheetos
Bird or Bunny? Bird
Paperclip or safety pin? Safety pin
Scotch tape or duct tape? Duct tape

[Opinions & Why]
Abortion: Murder
President Bush: Ew
Rap: Can't spell crap without 'rap'
Rock: Yeah
Country: Some
Murder: Ew
Suicide: Sad
Terrorism: Kind of scary
Christianity: My religion
Communism: Nein
Global Warming: We're going to die
Gay Marriage: I don't approve of it, but I'm not going to rain all over their parade
Obesity: FUK (Fat United Kids) will rule the world..Samm and I being their leaders!
Virgins: Whatever. Virgin and proud.
Teenage Parenthood: Sad
Premarital Sex: Not for me, but fine by me
Pornography: Gross
Britney Spears: Whatever
England: Beautiful
Dogs: Yay!
Cats: Semi-yay!
Canada: Better than the US
Steroids: Rawr?
Yankees: Er..
Nazis: "Keep it gay!" Sorry..thinking of The Producers
Paris Hilton: Ugleh
Lindsay Lohan: Eh
Hilary Duff: Ew

[Have you ever]
Been in love? Sure
Kissed someone of the same sex? On ze cheek
Kissed someone of the opposite sex? On ze cheek
Had sex? Nein
Met the president? No
Watched porn? Yes and it did absolutely nothing for me
Prank-called? Haha, yes
Been prank called? No
Been to a factory? I think so?
Made a scene in public to get your way? Not that I can think of
Cried over a movie? Ahahaha...yes u_u
Met a celebrity? Yeah
Bungee jumped? Nein
Sky dived? Nein
Been scuba diving? Nein
Snorkeling? Yes
Skipped school? Yes
Done something sexual with an animal? No
Been to an amusement park? Yeah
Been to a fair? Yes
Been to Disneyland? Si
Been to Disneyworld? What's the difference?
Been to New York? Yes
Been to Microsoft? No
Been to LA? No
Been to Hawaii? No
Been to the Grand Canyon? No
Been to the Coral Reef? Sort of
Been to the Eiffel Tower? No
Been to Venice? No
Been to Europe? No
Been to Africa? No
Been to Canada? Yes
Been to Mexico? No
Been to the Middle East? No
Been to Asia? No
Been to Australia/New Zealand? No
Been to Antarctica? No
Taken dance lessons? Yes
Cut yourself? No
Contemplated suicide? Not doing it myself, but about it, yes
Attempted suicide? No
Killed someone? Y-I mean..no...of course not..<_<
Gotten held back? Nein
Said "I love you" to someone besides a relative? Yes
Gotten engaged? No
Gotten married? No
Asked someone out and been rejected? Yup
Been asked out? Once..and it was really, really creepy
Been dumped? No
Dumped someone? No
Worn a uniform? No
Worn a sports uniform? No
Made yourself throw up? No
Had an eating disorder? If excessive eating is one, then yes
Won a game of bowling? Yes
Written a love letter or poem? Yes
Had surgery? Si
Been to overnight camp? Yes
Been to day camp? No
Been in a car accident? Yes
Wet your pants? Of course
Snuck out? Yes
Made out? No
Broken the law? No
Done drugs? No
Smoked? Nein
Drink? Nein
Been in jail? Nein
Played spin the bottle? Nein
Played seven minutes in heaven? Nein
Started a fire? Nein
Walked into a glass door? Yes
Been to a circus? Yes
Dated a teacher? No
Liked a teacher? No
Been on TV? Yes
Been on the radio? No
Been in the newspaper? Yes
Seen a living penguin? Yeah
Been robbed? No
Played with Barbies? Yes
Climbed a tree? Nein
Fallen from a tree? No
Participated in a science fair? No
Broken/lost/stolen something important to someone else? Yes
Been to the zoo? Yep
Shoplifted? No
Built a tree house? No
Been in a tree house? No
Been snowboarding? Yes
Been skiing? No
Been to a baseball game? Yes
Gotten a root canal? No
Gotten a cavity? No
Gotten an F? On a test, not a report card
Been home-schooled? Nope
Gone to boarding school? No
Been kicked out of a house (yours or someone else's)? Nein
Faked sick? Yes
Broken a bone? No
Fainted? Yes
Shaved? Yes
Waxed? No
Gone tanning (in a bed)? No
Dyed your hair? Yes
Been to a counselor? Yes
Had a shot? Yes

[Last time you]
Traveled: A long distance? Last summer.
Ate: Four hours ago?
Drank: Three hours ago
Slept: Two this afternoon
Went to school: Thursday
Saw a friend: Yesterday
Said I love you: Yesterday
Were embarrassed: Saturday

[For a billion dollars would you]
Jump off the Empire State Building onto a giant pillow? Probably not
Eat a whole human brain? Probably
Kill your parents? No
Kill your best friends? No
Kill the president? No
Shoot your foot? No
Stab your eye out with a paperclip? No
Drink a glass of coagulating blood? Yes
Get AIDS? No
Perform at a strip club? Ahahaha..no
Eat a bug? Yes
Gain 50 pounds? No
Go to school naked? No
Give up your hearing? No
Give up your eyesight? No
Shave your head? Yes
Get hit by a bus? No
Agree to die in five years? No

[Last person you]
Saw: Mom
Spoke to: Mom
Kissed: Tanna
Ate with: Mom and dad
Sang with: Landis, Mel, Holly, Tina, Napster, Will, and Claire
Hung out with: Mel, Holly, and Nicole
Shopped with: Mom
Laughed with: Mom
Studied with: Nicole?
High fived: Nicole
Liked: Neeeeext question
Loved: There are many I still love
Bit: Gosh it's been a while..Jeremy I think
Licked: Tanna?
Rolled your eyes at: Nicole
Talked to on the phone: Kristine
Imed: Samm
Traveled with: A long distance: Bobby, a short distance: Mel, Holly, and Nicole

am: Tired
want: To sleep
wish: I could lose 80lbs
have: To sleep
hate: Peanut butter and chocolate
miss: April, Bobby, Samm, and Kristine
fear: The dark and losing someone
hope: Seth is going to be okay
hear: My music
search: For my pillow
wonder: Why guys are shallow
regret: Nothing
am wearing: Silky black PJ pants, and an extremely soft white cami
love: God, my friends, and my  family
ache: To tell him the truth
eat: Your brains for breakfast
drink: Black Cherry Vanilla coke
am not: Going to sleep until I finish this
dance: Like a fat white girl
sing: Horribly, but boldy
cry: Too much, but it's been a while
write: A lot
win: Rarely
work: When I have to
lose: My nerve
confuse: Myself
need: To open up more
should: Tell him
watch: People
play: Nothing

[In the opposite sex (or same sex)]
Eye color: Blue, gray, green
Hair color: Darker
Hair length: Looong *drool*
Curly/Straight/Wavy/etc: Anything but extreme curls
Clothing Style: Whatever
Fat or Skinny? Doesn't matter
(Girls) Skinny/Muscular or Big/Muscular: Skinny/Muscualar
(Guys) No Makeup or Makeup:
(Girls) Boxers or Briefs: Boxers, but breifs are fine too
(Guys) Bikini or Thong:
(Girls) Abs, Arms, or Legs: Arms
(Guys) Boobs, Butt, or Legs:
(Girls) What sports? Doesn't matter
(Guys) Muscular or Flimsy?
(Girls) Video games or no? Video games..or he'll have to put up with me playing them all the time
(Guys) Athletic, Punk, Prep or Geek?
(Girls) Speedo or Trunks? Trunks
(Guys) Bikini or One Piece?
(Girls) Jeans or Shorts? Jeans
(Guys) Jeans or Skirts?
Tall or Short: Tall
Punk or Prep: Doesn't matter
Smart or Dumb: Not dumb as in "hurr", but doesn't have to be extremely smart

Current School: Tulpy
Past schools: ^^^
Favorite school: Not Tulpy
GPA: Nooo clue
Favorite Class: English
Least Favorite Class: Gym and Science
Best Class: English and Spanish
Worst Class: Science
Do/did you like PE? NO
Grade Level: 10
Mascot: A friggan Trojan

[Love and All That Jazz]
Have you ever been in love? Yeah
Who was your first crush? Jeremy Kegaris
First love? The one I have now
First kiss? Nein
Have you ever had sex? No
How many times? No
...or will you wait until marriage? Yes
Do you think you're slutty? No
Do you think you're prude? No
Are you taken or single? Single
Who was the last person you liked? Before this one? Uhm..Oh, haha. Jeremy Kline. Poor kid.
Who do you like right now? Wouldn't you enjoy that tidbit of info?
Who was the last person you went out with (not out of pity, force, etc)? Never
What was your longest relationship? Never
Have you ever been liked/asked out by someone you were totally not into? Yup
Have you ever cheated? No
Have you ever been cheated on? No
How far have you gone? Nowhere
Is flirting cheating? Meh.

[Random Questions]
Do you believe in luck? No
How about fate? Not really
Love at first sight? No
Love in general? Yes
What's your phrase? ..Uhm...ahoy, sweet, or ttfn..I guess...o_o
Do you believe in God? Yes
What's your religion? Christianity
Do you wear a watch? Yes
What's on your calendar? I don't have one
Do you paint your nails? Rarely
Have you ever gone skinny dipping? No
Do you drink? No
Do you smoke? No
Do you do drugs? No
Do you twitch? I do this shivering thing a lot..
Can you make yourself twitch? Yeah
Have you ever participated in a contest? Yes
Have you ever participated in a talent show? No
Have you ever participated in a beta test? A what?
Do you believe in aliens? No
Do you believe in soul mates? Not really..but I like the Greek idea or whatever that says at first there was no such thing as male or female, just beings. But then they split in half becoming a male and female, scattered about the earth. But whenever they meet, they are so much alike that they can't really love each other.
Do you understand quantum physics? No
Would you ever join the military? No
When was the last time you cried and why? Uhm...*thinks*..wow. I don't remember..
What's the last movie you saw in the theater? Hoodwinked
What's the dumbest movie you've ever seen? Hostel, haha
Do you like milk chocolate? Yes
Do you like dark chocolate? No
Do you like white chocolate? Eh...
What's your favorite chocolate treat? Brownies
What CD is in your CD player right now? Nothing
Do you have an iPod? Yes
Do you have your own TV? No
Do YoU tYpE lIkE tHiS? No
Would you rather win a VMA, Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, or Nobel prize? Grammy
Who's your favorite action hero? Anita Blake
Have you ever been so happy you couldn't sleep? Yeah
How about so sad that you couldn't sleep? Yes
Evolution or Creation? Creation
What age do you act? Sometimes 20, sometimes 2. People have thought I was in college/a senior in highschool..
What age do you wish you were? I like my current age
Have you ever taken an IQ test? Yep
What were the results? I dont remember
Do you think IQ tests in general are accurate? Sure
Do you love Star Wars? Yes
Do you love Star Trek? No
Do you love Lord of the Rings? FUCK YES
Have you ever even seen those? Those what?
What kind of water bottle was the last one you drank? Redners junk
Have you ever gone to a movie premiere? Cha
Have you ever gone to a movie and dressed up in costume? Not yet..but POTC2 baby. Just you wait.
Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire? Cha
Do you like the beach? Sorta
Do you like skiing? No clue
Do you like snowboarding? Ahahahaha
Do you like skateboarding? No
Do you like surfing? No, sounds scary
Are you using a PC or a Mac? PC
Do you wear overalls? No
Do you wear boxers? No
Do you wear dresses? No
Can you touch your tongue to your nose? No
Can you roll your tongue? Yes
A clover shape? Yes
Can you move your scalp? Huh?
Can you lick your elbow? No
Have you ever been stung by a bee? Yes
Live forever or die tomorrow? Die tomorrow
How many houses have you lived in and where? One, Bethel
Are there trees in your yard? The trees ARE my yard
Do you know what evasive means? Yes
Do you like Seventh Heaven? No
What's your shoe size? 9ish
What do you say when you stub your toe? Son of a..!!
What makes popular people popular? Looks
How much of pi do you know? 3.14
Have you ever used something random as a sled? Cardboard!
Do your eyes change color? Not really..sometimes they're darker though
What languages can you speak fluently? English and..kind of Spanish
What languages are you learning? Spanish
What languages would you like to speak? Japanese and Italian
What did you dress up as for Halloween last time you did? Fairy
Do you like Ashton Kutcher? Only in The Butterfly Effect
Do you like Mandy Moore? No
Do you like Will Smith? Yes
What would be the weirdest job? Coming up with the names for hair colors, haha
What sports have you played in the past? Soccer and field hockey
Are you racist? No
If you were famous would you change your name? No
Has anyone ever told you that you looked like a celebrity? No
Have you ever been camping? No
Have you ever been on an airplane? Yes
Can you drive? No
How do you want to die? Naturally
Do you believe in Bigfoot? No
Do you believe in the Yeti? No
How big is your property? 1 acre of pure ruffage and trees
Would you ever go skydiving? Probably not
If someone were to make a movie about your life what would it be called? Erin-Kong : Teh Lard Fights Back
What does your underwear look like? White right now
What AIM phrase is overused? "Haha"
What did you do last night? Sleeeeeeep
Do you have a pool? No
Do you have a hot tub? No
How many states have you been to? 16ish
How many countries have you been to? Two
Are you determined? Sure
Do you live for the moment or the future? Both, but more future
Do you snore? No
Are you a deep sleeper? It depends
Do you have your own car? No..but Barry will soon be mine
Checkbook? No
Bank account? Yes
Credit card? No
How big is your room? Small
Do you share a room with anyone? No
Do you sleep with the lights on? My closet light
What do your sheets look like? My sheet is my satin-esque sleeping bag
What color is your wall? Green below the border, and blue with white stars above
What size is your bed? Twin
How many pillows? 6
Do you sleep with stuffed animals? No
Do you have freckles? On my arms
Do you own a blender? I think so
Will you go to your prom? Maybe
Half empty or half full? "By the end you won't be thinking about whether or not the glass is half empty or half full, but rather which wall you can throw the fucking glass against to cause the most disrupting stain." Haha, that's awesome Colin.
Do you shop at Abercrombie? No
Do you shop at Hot Topic? Yes
Do you shop at American Eagle? No
Do you shop at Macys? No
Do you shop at Pacsun? No
Do you shop at Value Village? No
Is sex an uncomfortable topic for you? No
Are you good at arguing your point? Most of the time
Do you like to roll down hills? *smiles* Yes
What's the most random thing you can say in another language? Palabra G, palabra perro, or que pasa mi casa fritas? (Word G, Word dog, and What's up my home fries?)
Can you name the teletubbies? No
Do you tan easily? I burn then turn tan, ew
Have you ever worn makeup? Yeah
How much are you wearing right now? None
Have you ever failed a class? Yes, but I brought it back up before I got my report card
Have you ever failed a test? Yeah
Have you ever been held back? No
Have you ever hugged/been hugged by a stranger? Yes
Have you ever said I love you to a stranger? Yes
Have you ever fallen off a bed? Yes
Have you ever squashed a bug? Si
Have you ever eaten an entire lemon? No
Have you ever hurt yourself purposely? Yes
Have you ever played strip poker? Yes
Do you listen to techno? No
Do you have any bad habits? Sitting on my fat ass, saying sorry too much
Do you swear? Yes
How much money do you have right now? $7 in my wallet and I have no clue how much in my account
Do you get along with your parents? Pretty much
What do people say you smell like? Good
Are bald guys hot? Not normally
Are fat women sexy? Samm and I are the definition of sexy!
Have you ever ridden a horse? Yes
Have you ever been in a limo? No
Have you ever been in a hummer? Yes
Do you pray? Yes
Do you like to take walks in the rain? Yes
Have you ever gone three days without showering? Yeah..in fact, the last I took a shower was Friday. But I did wash my hair yesterday so it's not too bad :D
This fucker took me an hour and 45 minutes *faints*

hold your breath

"'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown..." [17 Jan 2006|07:39pm]
[ mood | cold ]


What does your name mean? Peace, or green isle.
How old are you? 15, 16 in a few days.
How old are you mentally (as in are you mature?)? I'm mature, but on an exact age I do not know. Ask one of my friends.
Describe yourself in 5 words. Fat, quiet, friendly, mature..thoughtful?
What are your worst qualities Physically my weight, mentally? Not trusting people easily, too worrisome.
What are your best qualities Physically my eyes, mentally my ability to actually listen to people.
How long does it take you get get ready in the morning After a shower, about 20 minutes, if that.

Do you dream at night? Rarely
Do you remember your dreams? Rarely
Describe one. The last one was something with a hermit crab...
What time do you go to bed usually? Whenever. Normally it's sometime after midnight.
What time do you wake up normally? 6:00
What time do you wake on weekends? 12:00-3:00
Do you find waking late nice or annoying? Most of the time nice, sometimes annoying.
Do you sleep with one pillow or two? There are currently six on my bed. Five to sleep on, one to hold.

Do you like school?
Why/why not? I go. I learn. I leave. No reason.
Whats ur fave subject? English
Most hated subject? Gym
Do you have a fave teacher? Mr. Neisweinder (sp?), Mrs. Stockholm
Ever had a crush ona teacher? Ew
Are you a maths/science person or an english/drama person? English/Drama

Do you have heaps of friends? I guess. Only a few that I truly 100% trust, but I have plenty of good friends too.
Do you have a best friend? Yes
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends? About the same I think
Do you ever get annoyed at any friend? Yup
Have you ever lied to a friend? It's been a while, but yes
Have you ever stolen a friends boyfriend/girlfriend? Nein

Do you like your parents? I love my parents, yes
Ever run away from home? No
Do you have any siblings? Yeah
If so, do you like or get annoyed with them? I love my brother more than anyone else in the family. We have yet to have a fight.
How old are they? 24, 25 in February
If not, do you mind being an only child?
Do you feel your parents spoil you?
 Yes and no. I don't ask for much, but when I do I normally get it. So yes I get.
Do you get along with any of your family? My brother
Do you have big family get togethers ever? Not big so to speak, but yeah

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope
If so, are you in love with them?
Do they love you?
How long have you been together?
Most romantic thing they've ever done for you?.
Do you have a crush? Yes if you call it that
If so, are you in love? As much as I am able to
Do they know you like them? Not consciously
Is it serious or playful? Serious crush
How long have you liked them? About three years, a little less
Ever done something stupid to impress them? Probably, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head
Have you ever experienced unrequited love?  I guess. I recieve friendship love in return, but nothing more that I'm aware of
Do you find it romantic or hurtful? Hurtful, but nice at the same time
Even know what it is? Yes

Ever had sex?
Believe that a person shouldn't have sex before marriage? Yup
Believe in casual sex?  Nope
When do you plan/when did you lose your virginity? After I'm married
Did you regret it?

Do you have a religion? Yes
Do you practice it i.e go to church? Yes
Do you believe in God? Yes
Jesus? Yes
Satan? Yes
Heaven? Yes
Hell? Yes
If you died tomorrow what do you beleive will happen to you? I'd go Home
Does death scare you? No

Have you ever been drunk? No
taken drugs? No
stolen? Yeah
shoplifted? No
tried to commit suicide? No
Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend? No
gotten into a fight? Yes
are you more innocent or guilty?  Innocent
Would you date a drug addict? *shrug*
have you ever had to look after someone who was a drug addict? No
Are you racist? No
Are you discriminatory to anyone? *shrug*
Have you been a hypocrite in the past? Yes, sadly
Do you have an open or closed mind to other peoples beliefs and feelings? Open

Do you watch tons of tv? No
How many times have you been to the movies in the past 6 months? Two or three times maybe
Do you listen to the radio often? Just in the car
Do you read the newspaper? No
Do you read magazines? No
Are you a couch potato? More like a computer chair potato, but yeah
Do you use the internet too much? See above

Whats your fave style of music? Many kinds
Do you play an instrument? No
Do you sing? Yeah, but not well
Whats your fave band? Too many
Why? Er...
Have you met them before? I wish
Name 3 cds that youve bought in that last year. I don't think I've bought any CD's in the last year...
Why did you buy them? If any, they were for my friends

Whats your fave sport? None
Whats your fave sport to watch? None
Do you have a fave team of any sort? No
Do you play a lot of sport? No
ever won anything for sport? Nein

Are you funny or serious? When I'm with friends, funny, but by myself I'm serious
Creative or not? Creative
Logical thinker or lateral thinker? Not really sure
Are you outgoing or shy? Shy
Are you lazy or active? LaZy
Have you ever been hyperactive? Yeah
Are you a naturally hyperactive person? Nein

Are you happy with the way you look? Not really, but I can deal 
What would you change? My weight
Do you wear makeup regularly? No
Do you have a large wardrobe? Not really

Do you have a job? Nope
Do you like it?
Are you a saver or a spender? Saver
Do you work hard or slack off? It depends
Have you ever been fired? Nope
In trouble at work? No
Made a major mistake? Yeah
Ever had money stolen from you? No
Are you always broke? Yup

~embarassing moments~
Your all time most embarassing moment? When I'm not asked I could answer that..can't think of one right now though
Ever snorted drink out your nose? Yup. Milk in 7th grade because of Josh C. We both lost 10 points each that day. Hehe.
Ever giggled like an idiot? Yuppers
Ever embarassed yourself and pretedned nothing happened? I'm sure I havel
Ever tripped in front of someone you liked? Yes, but I wasn't embarassed
Ever said soemthing really stupid? Of course
Ever snorted while laughing? Unintentionally, no 
Ever fallen off a bed? Yup
Ever sleepwalked? Nein
Ever sleeptalked? I mumble or whimper sometimes, so I'm told

Whats your best memory? Outer Banks last year with Bobby, or the fair two-ish years ago with April and Bobby
Worst? Meh...
Whats the wierdest memory you have? Hard to say
Do you have a good memory?  Many
Whats the coolest holiday you remember having? Not sure

Ever had funny thoughts and laughed and no one understood you? Allll the time
Whats the first thoght that comes to your head when you hear these names?
cheese - Mouse
rubber - Boots
clothes - Hangers
big - Godzilla
dress - Lace
jacket - Danielle
polyester - Spandex?
kite - Finding Neverland
washing - Washcloth

F i R S T S__;

1. First crush:: Jeremy Kegaris or Joey Cruz
2. First boy/girlfriend:: Nein
3. How did it end up?
4. First date:: Nein
5. How did it go?
6. First kiss:: Nein
7. How did that go?
8. First breakup::: Nein
9. First person to break your heart:: None yet

N u M B E R S__;

1.How many relationships have you been in? None
2.How many times have you been the dumped? Never
3.How long was your shortest relationship?
4.Your longest?
5. Whats the most times you've gone out with the same person?

U h -- 0 h..__;

1. Have you ever been cheated on? No
2. Ever cheated on someone else? No
3. Have you ever been in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship? Friendship, yes
4. Have you ever been pressured to do things you didnt want to do? No
5. Ever been dumped for a completely retarded reason? NO
6. If so, what was it?
7. How do you usually deal with heartbreak?  I'll tell you when it happens
9. What's the worst thing youve ever done to hurt the other person in the raltionship?  Relationship?
10. Do you regret it? No regrets
11. What's the worst way to break up with someone? Not in person
12. Do you think its wrong to like someone else when you have a gf/bf? Yes
13. Did you ever do that? No

L A S T ___;
1. kiss? Neva
2. time you cried? Friday
3. you said i love you? Last night
4. you needed a hug? I could always use a hug
5. time you were lied to? Not sure
6. you were in love and wanted no one else but the one your with now? I want someone, but that's about as far as it goes

S i N G L E__;
1. Soo..got a crush?
If that's what you call it
2. If so, who? Only about three people no, so no
3. Would you rather be single or in a relationship? If I was hurting someone else, then single
4. Do you ever get jealous or feel awkward around your friends who are in relationships? A bit awkward at first with most, but with that one..it just hurts and I get jealous
5. How do you feel about PDA?  It doesn't really bug me unless it's over the top
6. When youre single do you flirt with every guy you meet or just wait for a guy to ask you out? I just don't flirt

T A K E N__;1.

1. Who's the lucky someone?
2. How long have you been together?
3. Do you love them, or in love with them?
4. How did you meet?
5.  How do you feel about other guys/girls?
6. Have you ever broken up and gottenback together?
7. What is your favorite thing about them?
8. Would you pick them over all your other guy friends [or girl depending which way you swing]?
9. What is one thing you would change about them?
10. If it were the last day on earth, what would you tell them?

R A N D 0 M__;
1. Sexuality::  Straight
2.What do you look for in another person? Honesty, warmth, safety
3. Whats the first thing you notice? Eyes or hair 
4. What does every relationship need in order to last? Trust, honesty, love
5. Do you beleive in inter-racial relationships? Yeah
6. Have you ever been in one? No
7. Do you support gay marriage? Yeah
8. How do you flirt? I don't
9. What's the most romantic thing someone's done for you? Cuddling and falling asleep in their arms
1o. Ever have a song written about you? Nah
11. What animal represents love? Not sure

hold your breath

"And I've got so much to give, if you'd only let me in." [02 Jan 2006|12:51am]
[ mood | downhearted ]

Stolen from Da ZillaZ <3

1. If I were a month I would be: January

2. If I were a day of the week I would be: Thursday

3. If I were a time of day I would be: 11:11 pm

4. If I were a planet I would be: Jupiter

5. If I were a sea animal I would be: Octopus

6. If I were a direction I would be: East

7. If I were a piece of furniture I would be: A bed

8. If I were a sin I would be: I am forever sinning.

9. If I were a historical figure I would be: Uhm...Pocahontas?

10. If I were a drink I would be: Tea Cooler..mmm

11. If I were a stone, which would I be: Hematite or jade

12. If I were a tree, I would be: Weeping Cherry

13. If I were a bird, I would be: A finch

14. If I were a tool, I would be: Sledgehammer

15. If I were a flower/plant, I would be: Lily

16. If I were a kind of weather, I would be: Rain...big fat raindrops kind of rain

17. If I were an instrument, I would be: I don't know..give me an instrument that's small and fat and that's me

18. If I were an animal, I would be: A wolf

19. If I were a color, I would be: Gray

20. If I were an emotion, I would be: Blah

21. If I were a vegetable, I would be: Fried zuchinni

22. If I were a sound, I would be: A horse and carriage over cobblestone OR the squishy sound you get from stirring macaroni and cheese

23. If I were an element, I would be: Water

24. If i were a car, I would be: 79 Dodge Charger

25. If I were a song, I would be: Tisbury Lane by Mae

26. If I were a movie, I would be directed by: Peter Jackson

27. If I were a book, I would be written by: Sarah Dessen

28. If I were a food, I would be: Rice

29. If I were a place, I would be: New Zealand

30. If I were a material, I would be: Satin?

31. If I were a taste, I would be: Vanilla

32. If I were a scent, I would be: Autumn leaves

33. If I were a word, I would be: SnoggedZoRZ

34. If I were a body part I would be: Hands

35. If I were a facial expression I would be: A "WTF?!" look

36. If I were a subject in school I would be: English

37. If I were a cartoon character I would be: Blue from Blue's Clues!

38. If I were a shape I would be a: A circle

[1. Name/nickname] Erin-Kong/Ewin/Roadkill/Wolfa/God/John Smith/Gentle Giant
[2. Birthday] January 19th, 1990
[3. How old are you? Do you like your age?] Fifteen, sixteen in less than a month...and, not really
[4. Astrological sign?] Capricorn
[5. Where were you born?] Hershey..and I hate chocolate
[6. How many siblings do you have? Do you get along with them?] One. Yes.

[7. What school do you go to?] Tulpehocken
[8. What school are you going to after your finished with this one?] Some state college
[9. Are some of your friends going to that school with you?] Probably
[10. Who is your best friend(s)?] April, Bobby, Kristine, Samm, Tanna, Nicole
[11. What are your school colors/mascot?] Blue and Gold/Trojan (Yet our school name means "land of the turtles"?)
[12. Do you/your friends have school spirit?] TulpeHICKen all the way baby.
[13. Do you like your school?] Suuuure
[14. Have you ever ditched class by yourself?] No
[15. Have you ever ditched with your friend(s)?] No
[16. Have you ever dropped a class?] No
[17. Ever skipped a whole day of school?] Yes
[18. Ever gotten suspended?] Nope

[19. Ice cream:] Butter pecan or black raspberry
[20. Color:] Gray or slate
[21. Beverage:] Tea Cooler, Mt. Dew
[22. Number:] 9 and 3
[23. Famous person:] Drew Barrymore?
[24. Website:] deviantART
[25. Football team:] Eww
[26. Basketball team:] Eww
[27. Baseball team:] Eww
[28. Sport overall:] Eww
[29. Food:] Sushi and Ramen noodles
[30. State in the U.S.:] North Carolina
[31. Flower:] Lily
[32. Subject in school:] English
[33. Type of music to listen to:] Nothing in particular
[34. Music artist(s):] Too many
[35. Weather condition:] Big fat raindrops

[36. Gone fishing?] Yes
[37. Went camping/to camp?] Like..the whole tent deali-o? Nein.
[38. Been on a cruise?] No
[39. Watched the movie "Titanic"?] Yes
[40. Went caroling at Christmas-time?] We just went after-Christmas caroling, so yes
[41. Snuck out of your house at night?] Yup
[42. Stolen your best friend's boy/girlfriend?] No
[43. Stolen anything?] Yes
[44. Went skydiving?] No
[45. Been to ground zero where 9/11 happened?] Yes
[46. Been to more than 5 states in the U.S.?] Yes
[47. Voted in a presidential election?] No
[48. Met a really really famous person (if so, who)?] Yeah. The black cop from Terminator..I ate lunch with him at a dog show...yeeeeeah.
[49. Been rock-climbing?] Nein
[50. Been to a professional sports event (i.e NFL game)?] I think so...a looong time ago though

**DO YOU... (random)**
[51. Own a LIVESTRONG bracelet?] Nope
[52. Know someone personally/related to someone who is famous?] Unless Phil Collins is related to me, then no
[53. Know the Muffin Man?] Yeah bitchZ
[54. Like strawberry-kiwi flavored things?] Sure
[55. Like sarcasm?] Hehe
[56. Pre-judge people?] I try not to
[57. Have a short-attention-span or sometimes think you do?] Much
[58. Think you were blonde in your past life or blonde now?] Dear God I hope not
[59. Get bored easily?] Majorly
[60. Like surveys?] Sure
[61. Hate when surveys are over?] Not really

hold your breath

"It's going to take a superman to sweep me off my feet..." [26 Dec 2005|10:01pm]
[ mood | tired ]

-- UNIQUE --
1. Nervous Habits: Snap/unsnap the button on my jacket, fool with my hands
2. Are you double jointed: My thumbs
3. Can you roll your tongue: Yup
4. Can you raise one eyebrow: Yesiree
5. Can you blow spit bubbles: Yes, but they can't float like Reyanna's. They just pop.
6. Can you cross your eyes: Yup
7. Tattoos: No
8. Piercings: Ears
9. Do you make your bed daily: Heck no!

10. Which shoe goes on first: I think my right..possibly my left, I can't remember.
11. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone: Many, many times. Mike B. was my most recent victim I think.
13. What jewelry do you wear 24/7: Chelsea's shoelace, gospel bracelet, 3x band, my watch, Bobby's hoodie string, and some pair of earings. When they say 24/7, I mean it. Only time these puppies come off are for a shower and gym.
14. Favourite piece of clothing: My tan pants

-- FOOD --
15. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: Twirlage
16. Have you ever eaten Spam: Yeah...
17. Favourite ice cream flavour: Butter pecan, mmm..
18. How many cereals in your cabinet: ...*thinks* Four?
19. What's your favourite beverage: Tea Cooler or Mt. Dew
20. What's your favourite restaurant: Olive Garden..or for old times sake, Outback.."NARAKU!! YOU MUST DIE!"
21. Do you cook: Ha...hahahaha.

22. How often do you brush your teeth: In the morning, and before bed if I remember
23. Hair drying method: Weekends I let it air dry, weekdays, normally blow dry..
24. Have you ever colored / highlighted your hair?: Yeah...in fact, I don't think I've had my natural hair color since 6th grade. Oh wait, I had my natural for a bit until the pink streak came and invaded.

25. Do you swear: Yeah, but not as much as I used to
26. Do you ever spit: Err..not unless a bug flew in my mouth o_O

27. Animal: Wolf
28. Food: Ramen noodles and sushi
29. Month: January and October
30. Day: Thursday
31. Cartoon: Family Guy, ATHF
33. Subject in school: English
34. Colour: Gray
35. Sport: Fat kids dont' play sports
36. TV show: House
37. Thing to do in the spring?: Err...take photo's?
38. Thing to do in the summer?: Stay out of the heat
39. Thing to do in the fall?: Jump in the leaves
40. Thing to do in the winter?: Make mutilated snowmen with my brother

41. In the CD player: Nothing..because I don't own one!
42. Person you talk most on the phone with: Kristine? Bobby?
43. Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors: No...o_O
44. What colour is your bedroom: Carpet is gray/blue, below the border is dark green, above is dark blue with stars 
45. Window seat or aisle: Window

-- LA LA LAND --
46. What's your sleeping position: Stomach
47. Even in hot weather do you use a blanket: To curl around me, yes, but not to cover
48. Do you snore: Nope
49. Do you sleepwalk: Nein
50. Do you talk in your sleep: I mumble sometimes..so I'm told
51. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: Just Jack and my pillow to hold
52. How about with the light on: My closet light, yes.
53. Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on: Music, all the time
54. Last interesting person you met: ...Rachel from Rachel E.'s party?

hold your breath

"They won't see the fire You have lit inside of me." [25 Dec 2005|11:31pm]
[ mood | blah ]

what flavor pocky are you?

[c] sugardew

hold your breath

"Just one of those days you learn to fly with broken wings." [07 Dec 2005|10:24pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

First Best Friend: Nicole
First SN: wolfa98
First Pet: White Socks, my cat...or one of the many dogs.
First Piercing: My ears
First School: Bethel Elementary
First Kiss: None
First CD: The Beatles - Abbey Road
First Car: Haven't had one of my own yet
First Love: Meh..
First Stuffed Animal: My Shamoo orca whale...I still have him

Last Alchoholic Beverage: Outer Banks two years ago, Ash and I had some rum
Last Car Ride: Twenty minutes ago with mi madre
Last Movie Seen: At home? One Magic Christmas, in theaters? HP4 (Narnia midnight showing tomorrow, wewt)
Last Phone Call: Bobby, last night around 9:00
Last IM: Mike B.
Last CD Played: Either the one Bobby made me or LSF
Last Hug: Bobby
Last Bubble Bath: Oh geez..
Last Time You Cried: Sunday in the van coming home

Have you ever dated one of your best friends: Nope
Have you ever been arrested: If you don't count being handcuffed to two other people as arrested, then nein.
Have you ever skinny dipped: No, you would all be blind if I ever did that
Have you ever been on TV: Yeah, just in the background though *snort of laughter*
Have you ever kissed someone and then regretted it: Since I only kiss people on the cheeks and a few girls on the lips, no
Have you ever cheated: On a test? Yes. Person? No.
Have you ever spent more than 5 hours online: Me? More than five hours online? Of cooooourse not *coughhackdies*
Have you ever cried yourself to sleep: Yeah

1. Blue Mae shirt
2. Brown corduroy
3. Knee high polka dot socks
4. Gray undies
5. Black bra
6. Chelsea's shoelace
7. Bobby's hoodie string

1. Fought with my mom
2. Went to youth group
3. Got a decent grade on the Driver's Ed. test
4. Had a teacher call me kido..which for some reason made me want to cry?
5. Sat on my fat ass
6. Finished my book

1. God
2. My brother
3. April, Bobby, Kristine, Samm, Tanna
4. My camera (Edgar Theodore Collins)
5. My wolfie blanket

1. April
2. Bobby
3. Kristine
4. Samm

1. Black or White: Gray...oooh, what now bitches?
2. Hot or Cold: Cold
3. Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla

1. Get married
2. Publish a book

1. No regrets

hold your breath

"Precious Lord reveal your heart to me. Father hold me, hold me." [01 Dec 2005|09:10pm]

[ Describe Your ]
x. [Wallet]
 Kind of hard to describe. Mostly green, bit of red and yellow, funky floral designs with a chain.
x. [Hairbrush] Dark brown. Comb for my short hair.
x. [Toothbrush] Red and gray.
x. [Jewelry Worn Daily] Watch, Bobby's hoodie string, Chelsea's shoelace, gospel bracelet, dead glow in the dark bracelet, and a 3x Challenge For Health band..because Kristine gave it to me.
x. [Blanket] My big fat/fluffy/warm wolfy blanket.
x. [Facewash] I forget what it's called...
x. [Coffee Cup] I'd have one if we had a coffee maker in the house.
x. [Sunglasses] They died in my mom's car crash. May the swordfish with the baseball bat rest in piece.
x. [Underwear] Currently? Polka dots :D 
x. [Shoes] Either my brown/red Mary Janes or my black and white Airwalks.
x. [Favorite Shirt] My brown sweater, my Monty Python T-shirt, and my "Love" shirt.
x. [Favorite Pants] My dark tan ones or my brown corduoroy.
x. [CD In Stereo Right Now] None.
x. [Tattoos] None.
x. [Piercings] Ears.
x. [What You Are Wearing Now] Dark red pants, FSF shirt, striped socks.
x. [Hair] Short (bottom of ears), faded pink chunk in the front and a bit in the back.

[ When was the last time you ... ]
x. [Smiled]
On the bus today.
x. [Laughed] On the bus today.
x. [Cried] A few minutes ago, but I was just pissed off that bad.
x. [Bought] My nacho's for lunch.
x. [Danced] Rachel's party.
x. [Were Sarcastic] A few hours ago with my brother.
x. [Had A Nightmare] Actually..last night. It's been a while.
x. [Last Book You Read] Circus of the Damned by Larell K. Hamilton, currently The Lunatic Cafe by her. 
x. [Last Movie You Saw] Harry Potter:Goblet of Fire.
x. [Last Thing You Had To Drink] Tea Cooler
x. [Last Thing You Had To Eat] Corn fritters and cheesy fries from Gubba's.

[ Body ]
x. [What Do You Like Most About Your Body] 
My eyes and possibly hair.
x. [And Least?] The squishyness (aka, most of it).
x. [How Many Fillings Do You Have] None.
x. [Do You Think You Are Good-Looking] Nopers.
x. [Do Other People Often Tell You That You’re Good-Looking] They call me cute..I don't like cute.
x. [Do You Look Like Any Celebrities] Nein.

[ Fashion ]
x. [Do You Wear A Watch]
I feel nekkid without it.
x. [How Many Coats And Jackets Do You Own] One.
x. [Favorite Pants Color] Dark tan or brown.
x. [Most Expensive Item Of Clothing] Erm..Oh. My dress (only worn once), $50?
x. [Describe Your Style In One Word] Imperfect.

[ Music/Television/Books ]
x. [Favourite Band Ever]
The Beatles.
x. [Type of Music Most Listened To] Christian rock, oldies.
x. [Type Never Listened To] Rap.
x. [Favourite Book?] The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

[ General Questions ]
x. [Sunny or Rainy Day]
x. [Do You Consider Yourself Lucky] Not really.
x. [Do You Feel Pity For People Who Commit Suicide] Yeah.
x. [Choose One Word To Describe How You Most Often Feel] Not happy, not sad..just somewhere in the middle.
x. [Do You Own Plaid Clothing] Sadly, no.
x. [Is There More Than One Zipper On Your Pants] Nein.
x. [Do You Own Braces] No.
x. [Does Your Hairstyle Exceed A Height Of Three Inches] If I spiked it it would (go figure).
x. [Would You Classify Your Hair As A Deadly Weapon] In the morning..yeah. It scares people sometimes.
x. [Do You Have A Favorite Brand Of Hair Dye] Colour.
x. [Do You Own A Bandana] Yeah.
x. [Are You Amused By Safety Pins] Not really..they kind of piss me off at times. 
x. [Have You Ever Used Duct Tape As A Sewing Substitute] Yesiree.
x. [Do You Like Candles] No.
x. [Do You Believe In Love] Yes.
x. [Do You Believe In Soul Mates] No.
x. [Do You Believe In Love At First Sight] Not really.
x. [What Do You Want Done With Your Body When You Die] Buried.
x. [What Are You Gonna Do When You Get Older] Not sure..either photography or something with writing.
x. [How Many Songs Do You Have On Your Computer] Over 1,000.
x. [What Band Are You Listening To] Casting Crowns.
x. [Look Out Your Window... Tell Me What You See] Darkness because it's night. But if it were daylight? Trees. And some more trees.
x. [If You Could Have Any Animal For A Pet] I'd say a wolf, but I wouldn't have the heart. So a husky.
x. [What Is The Longest You Ever Stayed Up] Two and a half/three days.

[ Habits/Beliefs ]
x. [Are You An Anarchist?] No.
x. [Do You Smoke Cigarettes?] No.
x. [Are You A Vegetarian?] No.
x. [Do You Think Meat Is Murder] Nah.
x. [Have You Ever Slept In An Alley Or Park] No.
x. [Do You Wash Your Hair Less Than Once A Week] No.
x. [Have You Ever Gone A Week Without A Shower?] Creation anyone?

x. [Age] 15.
x. [Birthday] January 19.
x. [Sign] Capricorn.
x. [Location] Bethel, PA.
x. [Status] Single.
x. [Crush] I don't like calling it that, but sure.
x. [Natural Hair Colour] Dark brown.
x. [Current Hair Colour] Dark brown and pink.
x. [Eye Colour] Greenish.
x. [Height] 5'2 1/2"
x. [Shoe size] Depends, 9ish.
x. [Parents] Mom and dad.
x. [Siblings] One brother.
x. [Live With] Mom, dad, brother.

[ Favourites ]
x. [Number] 9 and 3.

x. [Color] Gray and autumn colors.
x. [Day] Thursday.
x. [Month] October, November, and January.
x. [Song] Hard to say.
x. [Movie] Again, hard to say.
x. [Food] Ramen noodles and sushi.
x. [Season] Winter and Autumn.

x. [Class] English.
x. [Teacher] Past? Mr. Moyer. Now? Mrs. Stockholm, Miss Castellano, Mrs. Taylor, and Mr. Neisweinder.
x. [Drink] Tea Cooler.
x. [Veggie] Breaded zuchinni or asparagus.
x. [Television Show] Survivor, Will & Grace, and Amazing Race.
x. [Radio]  Meh.
x. [Store] Amazon.com.
x. [Word] Currently? Adorkable (thanks to Samm-ZillaZ).
x. [Animal] Wolf.
x. [Flower] Lily.

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"I know who I want to take me home..." [25 Nov 2005|02:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Random. Stolen from Da ZillaZ:

Graduated High School.
Kissed someone.
Smoked cigarettes.
Got so drunk you passed out.
Rode every ride at an amusement park.
Collected something really stupid.
Gone to a rock concert.
Helped someone.
Gone fishing.
Spun turn tables.
Watched four movies in one night.
Gone long periods of time with out sleep.
Lied to someone.
Snorted cocaine.
Failed a class.
Smoked weed.
Dealt drugs.
Taken a college level course.
Been in a car accident.
Been in a tornado.
Done hard drugs (i.e. ecstasy, heroin, crack, LSD, PCP, meth, acid).
Watched someone die.
Been to a funeral.

Burned yourself.
Ran a marathon.
Lost your virginity.
Your parents got divorced.
Cried yourself to sleep.
Spent over $200 in one day.
Flown on a plane.
Cheated on someone.
Been cheated on.
Written a 10 page letter.
Gone skiing.
Been sailing.
Had a best friend.
Lost someone you loved.
Shoplifted something.
Been to jail.
Had detention.
Skipped school.
Got in trouble for something you didn't do.

Stolen books from the library.
Gone to a different country.
Dropped out of school.
Been in a mental hospital.
Watched the "Harry Potter" movies.
Had an online diary.

Fired a gun.
Gambled in a casino.
Had a yard sale.
And a lemonade stand.
Actually made money at the lemonade stand.

Been in a school play.
Been fired from a job.
Taken a lie detector test.
Swam with dolphins.
Gone to sea world.
Voted for American/Australian Idol.
Written poetry.

Read more than 20 books a year.
Gone to Europe.
Loved someone you couldn't have.
Wondered about your sexuality.
Used a coloring book over age 12.
Had surgery.

Had stitches.
Taken a taxi.
Seen the Washington Monument.
Had more than 5 IM's/online conversations going at once.
Had a drug or alcohol problem.
Been in a fist fight.
Suffered any form of abuse.
Had a hamster.
Petted a wild animal.

Used a credit card.
Gone surfing in California.
Did "spirit day" at school.
Dyed your hair.

Got a tattoo.
Had something pierced.
Got straight A's.

Been on the Honor Roll.
Your parents sent you to a shrink.
Been handcuffed.
Known someone with HIV or AIDS.
Taken pictures with a webcam.
Started a fire.
Had a party while your parents weren't home.
Gotten caught having a party while they were gone.
Done surveys like this to pass the time.
I cannot do splits.
I hate challenge.
My dreams are disturbing on occassion.
I often wear dresses.
I've been called "fake" before.
My ears have never been pierced.
Good posture is a turn-on.
Jesus is my homeboy.
I LOVE all the ideas of the hippie population.
Freddie Mercury is a god.
I have a perverted mind.
My muscles are bigger than your head.
I eat too much.
I enjoy being checked out.
My skin-tone is synonymous to xerox paper.
I hate bottled water.
I've sent something to PostSecret.com.
I want to send something to PostSecret.com.
I am so sorry.
There are words and/or phrases that make me cringe when I hear them.
I love to watch gameshows.
I'm just like everyone else.
Caffeine is terrible.
I need to shave.
In person, I'm very private. On livejournal, I'm very open.
In person, I'm very open. On livejournal, I'm very obscure.
I cannot sleep in.
I hate being told how to do things that I know perfectly well how to do.
I enjoy foreplay way more than sex itself.
I can run a five-minute mile.
1,000 sit ups is an easy task.
I don't do dairy.
Pink Floyd kicks ass.
My eyesight is better than my hearing.
"Hate" is a word I use a lot.
I'm a stereotypical teenager.
I think about death a lot.
I can't wait until I have kids.
I am never bored.
I collect Beanie Babies.
I sleep on a waterbed.
I am/was in Water Polo.
I hate to read.
I lie more than I breathe.
I have a new crush every week.
I sing very well.
A shower sounds really good right now.
I talk to Smarterchild on AIM.
My friends make me drawings.
I am respected at school/work/wherever.
Most of my friends are depressed.
I own a car I do not drive.
Cartoons, that's all I watch.
I love it when my friends are happy.
I read the Davinci Code.
I'm Jewish.
Pasta is my favorite.
My cat's name is Fluffy.
I am intimidating.
I know all the songs in A Nightmare Before Christmas by heart.
The glass is half-empty.
I say "That's gay" a lot.
I am a very light sleeper.
I hug all my friends.
I feel dumb whenever I make typos.
I can't dance.

Rap is the only true music.
Fuck rap.
Lightning frightens me.
I wish I were cooler.
I hate buying things for my girlfriend/boyfriend.
Foreign movies irritate me.
I always use semicolons.
I wear a lot of makeup.
I'm homosexual.
Drugs help me cope with things.
I have cheated on a girlfriend/boyfriend.
I hate shirts with writing on them.
My cellphone ringtone is some popular song.
I like Green Day.
I wear a lot of jewelry.
My friends tell me everything.
Math isn't my favorite subject.
I have been physically taken advantage of.
I'm obsessed with livejournal.
I celebrate my pets' birthdays.
I've been hit on by lesbians.
There is something I am addicted to.
I have a lot of zits on my face.
I hate watching the movie if I haven't read/finished the book.
I don't have a myspace.
My parents are restrictive.
Sex-scenes are my favorite.
I hate the smell of gasoline.
I've watched Barney.
My favorite store in the mall is the bookstore.
By trying to be "nonconformist," I look like everyone else.
I'm putting off something.
Techno is a guilty pleasure.
I like ska.
I laugh at jokes I don't understand.
People say I'm funny.
A friend of mine is named Claire.
I hate all of my ex boyfriends/girlfriends.
I ride a motorcycle.
I'm a stickler for grammar.
People judge me.
Gigantic sweatshirts = love.
This survey is kinda neat.
I never wear my hair down.
I judge other people based on the music they listen to. [Sadly, yes.]
I'm nosy.
Fire is so beautiful.
I'd be better off alone.

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"Something isn't right in this world called confusion..." [06 Jul 2005|01:10pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

Last person that...
• Slept in your bed – Me
• Saw you cry - Bobby and Tanna
• Made you cry – April
• Spent the night at your house – Bobby
• You shared a drink with – Probably Tanna or someone else from Creation
• You went to the movies with – My mom
• You went to the mall with – Kristine?
• Yelled at you - My dad

Have you ever:
• Said "I love you" – Yes
• Been to New York – Yes
• Been to Florida – Yes
• Been to California – No
• Dreamed something – Yes

• Last time you went out of state – Few months ago
• Things you like in a boy/girl - Personality, eyes
• Weirdest thing about you - Too much
• Do you have a boyfriend – Nein
• Favorite magazine – Don't have one
• Worst feeling in the world – Losing someone, lonliness
• First thing you think in the morning – Do I have to?
• How many rings before you answer – If I'm at my computer, two
• Future daughter's name – Stella, Amy, Cassidy, Xiamara
• Future son's name – Dominic, Xavier, Adam
• Chocolate or vanilla – Vanilla
• Do you sleep with a stuffed animal - If Jack counts as one, then yes
• What's your dream job – Author
• What will you do after you finish this survey – Take a shower
• Last food you ate - Popcorn
• You bored? – Yeah
• How many buddies are on – 16, but only three not away or idle
• Last movie you saw – In theaters, Star Wars III, at home, Dragonheart
• Three things you are often complimented on – My drawings, photo's, sometimes eyes
• You get embarrassed when – People compliment me
• Do you keep a diary – Yeah
• You like to cook – Not really
• You have a secret you haven't shared with anyone – Yup
• You set your watch a few minutes ahead – Nein
• You believe in love – Yes

Who is…
• The sexiest person of the opposite sex – No clue
• The weirdest person you know – All of my friends are weird
• The loudest person you know – Katie
• Your close friends – Bobby, April, Kristine, Samm, Tanna
• The person who knows the most about you – Bobby
• Most overused phrase on IM – "Haha"
• Last thought you go to sleep with – God, considering I pray then normally fall asleep
• Your best feature – I guess my personality or to some people my eyes
• Take a shower every day - Most of the time. Creation and summer change that though.
• Think you've been in love – No
• Want to get married – Yeah
• You have any tattoos – Nein
• Any piercings – Ears
• You get along with your parents – Sometimes

• Number - 3 and 9
• Color – Gray
• Day – Thursday
• Month – October and January
• Song – Too many
• Food – Ramen noodles and sushi
• Season – Autumn, winter
• Drink – Tea Cooler, Mt. Dew, Pina Colada

In the last 24 hours have you:
• Cried – Yup
• Helped someone – I think so
• Said I love you – Yeah
• Written a real letter – No, but I will be after tonight probably
• Talked to an ex – What ex?
• Missed an ex – Again, what ex?
• Written in a journal – No
• Had a serious talk – Yeah
• Missed someone – Of course
• Hugged someone – Me brother
• Kissed someone – Nein
• Fought with a friend - Nein

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"And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. I hope you dance. I hope you dance." [24 Jun 2005|03:02am]
[ mood | tired ]

...What's your name?
...Are we friends?
...How did we meet?
...How long have we been friends?
...What do you think of me ?
...How long do you think our friendship will last?
...What was your first impression?
...rate me [1-10]

...sick minded//perv?
...embrassing to hang out with?
...cute or hot?
...a good friend?
...worth your time?

...When's my birthday?
...What school do I go to?
...Do I have any siblings?
...Who is my best friend?
...Who am I crushing on//dating?
...Favorite color?
...What is my worst subject?
...Best subject?
...Favorite sport?
...Favorite song(s)?
...Who do i remind you of?
...What song would you dedicate to me?
...What song reminds you of me?

...What do you love about me?
...What is my best quality?
...If you could change one thing about me, what would it would be?

...hug me?
...kiss me?
...miss me if I was gone?
...listen to my problems?
...go out with me if i asked you out?
...marry me?
...be my friend?
...be there for me?
...lend me money?
...die for me?
...lie to me?
...backstab me?
...watch a chick flick with me?
...put this in your livejournal to see what I would say on yours?

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"And you are my reason for breathing" [30 May 2005|07:35pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I love my friends, I truly do. I love being able to lay on a couch with Tanna and Bobby and just cuddle with them for over an hour. It's so peaceful to just cuddle and hold hands with two of my best friends. Going on random walks with them is fun too. Yet, out of all my friends, Tanna, April, and Bobby are the only ones that don't freak out about cuddling with each other. This is just one of the many reasons why I love them so dearly. I know none of you probably give a shit about what I'm talking about, but oh well. I thank God every day for giving me such amazing friends, and not just them, all of my friends. Simply amazing.

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"Just call out my name, and you know wherever I am, I'll come running." [26 May 2005|08:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

What's Your Personality Type?

Your #1 Match: INFJ
The Protector

You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity.
Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision - no matter what it is.
You are an excellent listener, with almost infinite patience.
You have complex, deep feelings, and you take great care to express them.

You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.
Again, boredom.

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"Don't laugh at me. Don't look away." [22 May 2005|07:07pm]
[ mood | sore ]

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to good manners and elegance.

In love, you feel the most alive when your partner is patient and never willing to give up on you.

You'd like to your lover to think you are optimistic and happy.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage something you've always wanted... though you haven't really thought about it.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

Your Deadly Sins

Envy: 80%

Sloth: 60%

Gluttony: 0%

Greed: 0%

Lust: 0%

Pride: 0%

Wrath: 0%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 20%

You will die at the hands of a jealous lover. How ironic.

Your Dominant Thinking Style:


You are very insightful and tend to make decisions based on your insights.
You focus on how things should be - even if you haven't worked out the details.

An idealist, thinking of the future helps you guide your path.
You tend to give others long-term direction and momentum.

Your Secondary Thinking Style:


You're all about looking at the facts, and you could always use more of them.
You see life as your lab - and you're always trying out new things, people, and ideas.

The master of mix and match, you're always coming up with unique combinations.
You are good at getting a group to reach consensus.

Your Extroversion Profile:

Assertiveness: Medium
Cheerfulness: Medium
Friendliness: Medium
Sociability: Medium
Activity Level: Low
Excitement Seeking: Low

Yeah, I was bored.
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Life, love, time to fly. [06 May 2005|06:09pm]
[ mood | drained ]

This is all so fucked up. Even though Samm is the only one who reads this, I'm going to say a few things about others:

Kristine, I know you want to do more for me and watch out for me. But you're not used to it and I'm the one looking out for you..even if you don't know it. You are a wonderful friend, and I do love you.
Samm-zilla, you're an amazing bitchy garden gnome. You may be owned by others, but you're my amazing bitchy garden gnome, so people can't call you that. They can call you amazing, bitchy, or a garden gnome..but not all at the same time. Ha. I love you.
April, you've done so much for me. I love you more than words darling. End of story.
Bobby, you are absolutely wonderful. I honostly don't know what I'd do without you. If I am nearing the edge, you and April are the only ones that have proved that you can pull me back and make me smile. You know how to make me laugh whenever I need it most, even if I'm crying histerically to you over the phone. Just talking to you, or even your silence...it comforts me when I'm down. It's odd that your mere presence can calm me down so much. I also love you more than words kido. Always.

I'm sorry. I just needed to acknowledge these four people, even though only one will see it.

All my love,

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But as you sleep and no one is listening, I will lift you off your feet. I'll keep you from sinking. [30 Apr 2005|09:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

      I got my haircut today. It is kickass. I missed having short hair, so short hair is what I have. If I had the time, I would buy a straightener and straighten my hair every morning so it always looks this awesome. But that requires me to get up early..something I don't want to do. Yeah. Other than that, I got the fifth Dead Until Dark book today. I thought it only came out in May, but apparently it just came out yesterday. Hey, I'm not complaining. Went for Chinese food. Extreme yum.Was practically ready to puke when I was done eating, but it was so worth it for not eating anything at all today.
      It's pathetic at how bored I am. Seriously. There are only three friends I have talked to this weekend. Samm, Ashley, and Chris. Samm is going to Bamboozle tomorrow *pout*, Ash can't come over because her mom is weird. And Chris is going to his soccor tournament. Everyone else is either:
   -At Aquire the Fire
   -Busy for the weekend
   -Doing something with other friends/family
   -On the Show Choir trip
This is sad. I normally don't do much on weekends, but when I don't talk to either Bobby, April, Kristine, or Samm for one whole weekend..I'm at extreme boredom. Bobby and April are both at ATF (I would have gone, but I need to save my money for Creation<3) and Samm...well I'm talking to Samm now. But yeah. She's still leaving for Bamboozle in like..nine hours. Grr-owl of jealousy towards her (still love you though). And Kristine? Show choir trip in Virginia until sometime later tomorrow. Ugh. One fourth of my real friends is not enough (no offense Samm). I need at least one whole half to satisfy my boredom. But Samm is doing a good job at keeping me from going sane. No..not insane. I'm already insane.
      Hmm...I think I'll go grab some Tea Cooler and cuddle up with Dead As A Doornail. Wow, if that doesn't sound a little strange. Alright. Yeah, that's what I'll do.
      Oh, before I go. I find this amusing for some reason...If you have ever seen "Man in the Iron Mask", you know Raoul? Christine's boyfriend that the king sends to the front so he dies and the king can have Christine for himself? Well yeah..he plays Mark in "Garden State". I'm sorry..it's just amusing to me. I know he (Peter Sarsgaard) was in a lot of other movies too..but for some reason this makes me laugh.
      Alright, I'm done now.

All my love,

hold your breath

But I was scared to death of eternity. I was saved by grace, but destroyed by naivety. [29 Apr 2005|11:23pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Alright, so I guess I've been missing Livejournal? Or I just want to come here for the communities and Samm. Yeah, that's probably it. I really have nothing to type at the moment so this is rather pointless.

All my love,

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